Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Veganism, Day 1

Day 1 Success! It really is more of a mental battle then anything else. The kids addiction to cheese is going to be difficult to break. We did completely cheat for breakfast because I had breakfast with my sisters and Dad and we had pancakes. Okay, so we started the day with what surely contained some milk & eggs... BUT, we did not have a glass of milk or scrambled eggs. Our goal is 75% vegan, we are not trying to drive ourselves crazy. I don't want to cheat like that again due to lack of planning!

Elise had a few requests for dinner- Mac & Cheese or Pizza. lol! She also REALLY wanted some ice cream. This is going to be a long 30 days with requests like this everyday coming from the kids.

Our new item for the day: vegan ice cream. We tried some rice dream "ice cream" a few weeks ago and the kids weren't too keen on it (I wasn't either). In order to try something different, we bought coconut milk ice cream sandwiches and they were YUMMY! They were delicious and tiny, yet surprisingly satisfying.

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