Saturday, June 12, 2010


The next most common question we get is in regards to Calcium. Oh my! Without MILK, how on earth can you get calcium? The milk-calcium connection that everyone has learned is drilled into our heads every day. Got Milk? I can assure you that we are not giving up milk permanently, but even in doing so for 30 days really changes the way that I view it.

Surprisingly there are many healthier options for getting Calcium.

Calcium Requirements:

Toddler: 500mg
Preschool Age: 800mg
Older Children: 1300 mg
Adults: 1,000mg per day

These are very rough numbers. The requirements are much debated. I've also heard that as a society, Americans consume the most amount of calcium, but also have tons of problems being deficient. How can that be? When your body is highly acidic, it leaches calcium from your bones. So, for example if you drink pop I've heard you can almost never get enough calcium. I've also heard that osteoporosis is a made up disease that does not really exist.... More on that later.

Other shockers:

1 cup rice milk has the EXACT SAME amount of calcium as cows milk! 300 mg per cup

Other good sources: White beans, Oatmeal, Broccoli, Oranges, Sweet Potatoes

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  1. There is this awesome Vegan bakery near by house. Patty Cake Bakery. It is awesome.

    Check out their website. I think you will love them. I had a Classic Toll House cookie and I couldn't tell that it was Vegan. So good.

    ~Megan C