Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We are super excited to share with all of our family and friends that we are finally debt free (besides our house)!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us or even joined us along this journey to financial freedom! A special thanks to our friends Megan, Jenna & Mark!!

Our reason for sharing is not to disclose personal financial information or to brag. We want everyone to know that you can do it too! We paid off over $85,000 in less than 3 years by sticking to a written budget, living within our means, and doing everything we could do to earn extra money. We sold things, and worked extra hours and extra jobs (especially my husband who worked 2 or 3 jobs for most of this time!).

I first heard Dave Ramsey by accident, just flipping stations and listening to lots of talk radio on my drives to and from work. After listening for several weeks, I finally told Corey that he had to listen too and that we should look into reading his book. We decided to get his book on CD from the library and one day we had a long drive and decided to listen. We would pause, discuss, take notes, and make lists.
That day changed our lives.

A few more specific examples of changes we made immediately- we stopped eating out, we stopped buying new clothes, we put an end to all frivolous spending such as cable tv, magazine subscriptions, cd's, etc. We cut back our cell phone plans, got videos and books at the library, sold everything but the kids on craigslist, made homemade gifts, etc. We also used E-Mealz for the first two years to help us with the grocery budget...

It actually went rather fast! Of course, that is easy to say now that we are finished. But, we still have steps 3 through 6 to complete on the Dave Ramsey plan. It really does work! Check out www.daveramsey.com or start listening to his radio show.
Or, if you have Fox Business Channel you can even watch Dave on TV. But, if you are in debt you really should cancel that cable plan!! ;)

Dave's plan is all about working the "debt snowball" with gazelle intensity. Our snowball order from smallest to largest looked like this:

1) my student loan
2) credit card
3) car
4) mini-van
5) my husband's student loan

Our kids might have missed out on wearing the fanciest clothes or having private dance lessons... but these 3 years of small sacrifices will provide them with a more stable future and hopefully an awesome college fund soon (baby step 5).
It is SO worth it and it really is an awesome feeling!

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