Monday, September 28, 2009

Shekinah Festival

Corinne's first pony ride!

This is the closest we got to seeing a hot air balloon. Unfortunately it was a really foggy morning!

The reason we came - DONUTS!

The Shekinah Festival has been a tradition for a few years, thanks to Papa Bill. We jokingly call it the "Shelfoah" festival. The reason for this is because a few years ago Mallori was trying to send a text message and her phone guessed that she was trying to type shelfoah instead of shekinah.
The Shekinah Festival is in Plain City, OH which is about 20 minutes from here. There is a small mennonite school that has a hot air ballon festival and auction every year to raise money. We got up REALLY early in the hopes of seeing the balloons launch. When we got into the van Elise said "mommy, where are we driving in the middle of the night?"
The balloons could not launch due to the fog, but we still enjoyed ourselves with yummy donuts, the barrel ride, face painting, and of course the petting zoo and pony rides!

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