Monday, September 28, 2009


The many faces of Elise Colleen!
Elise after her 2nd night at Awana. Classic Elise face! 9/27/09

The much talked about caterpillar that she found at preschool!

First day at preschool! 9/2/09

Sweet sisters!

The face I got when I asked her for a "normal" smile!

Bungee jumping at the Irish Festival 8/2/09

Elise is 3 1/2 going on 10. She wants to do everything that Mary does! She is just at that age where I want to write down everything she says! Some funny recent quotes-
"Do they talk? Why are they English?" Asking about English muffins.
"Daddy, why did you beep your honker?" Commenting on Corey's driving.
Her hair keeps getting curlier and we get endless comments about it. No, I do not use a curling iron on her, and yes, she gets her curly hair me (for the most part).
Her main activities are Awana & Preschool, but I can't wait to get her into some other lessons. She loves to dance, do gymnastics and swim. Most of all she is our little runner! She loves to run and run fast! We predict a future track star!

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