Monday, March 22, 2010

Food Revolution

Before we cancel our cable again, I decided I had to check out this new show- Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

"Welcome to the world of American school food, it's shocking!"

Jamie Oliver is a british chef who has decided to come to the US to try to change some of our eating habits. This first episode was focused on children and school lunches. He visited Huntington, West Virginia, the "unhealthiest" city in the US.

When he arrived and went to a local Elementary school he was met with some very defensive and offended lunch ladies and some students who were being served PIZZA and CHOCOLATE MILK for breakfast!

Everything the school served was processed. His message to the parents of these children: "If I were you, I would be really pissed off!"

The head cook Alice Gue said "He's thinking we should do more 'fresh', there's no way".

Jamie went to a local church to finally find one person in the city who was on his side.
"How we treat our bodies matters to God... Honor God with your body". The pastor Steve Willis explains to his congregation that the CDC reports Huntington as the most obese city in the world. he can go through the church directory and point out person after person who has diabetes, other diseases, recently had heart attacks, etc.

The end of the show cut off due to the breaking news on the healthcare bill, but I set the DVR to record the entire show on Friday on ABC.

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  1. I watched this show too. It makes me feel a little sick. Makes me want to eat better!