Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Johnson & Johnson.... These products are made for BABIES??

Are you kidding me??

How does this product sound?

Johnson's Baby Nourishing Milk Lotion

Sounds pretty safe, right?

This product is rated "7" on the Skin Deep website (10 being the worst score).
  • 11 of the ingredients in this baby product are linked with causing Cancer
  • 7 of the ingredients are linked with Developmental/Reproductive Toxicity
  • Contains ingredients, such as parabens that are banned in Europe
  • Contains many other ingredients under the word "fragrance" that they do not disclose on the label.
What is going ON? It makes me sad that innocent babies out there are being slathered in this product several times a week. Their parents might trust Johnson & Johnson. Or, they might think that the government tests and regulates these products, which is not true. Or, they might be busy working parents that just haven't had time to look into it. Well, I urge you to make the time to look up your own products, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have children.

Here are a few other companies and the ranges of products that they have -

Avalon Organics: 0-5

Avon: 1-10

Bareminerals: 2-5

Cetaphil: 3-7

Dove: 2-9

Johnson & Johnson: 0-10

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